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Justin's Bio and Discography

Massachusetts native Justin Fleuriel relates to artists and embraces their unique vision though his thorough understanding of all stages of the creative process as both an engineer and a musician.  He approaches every project, large or small, with the same attention to detail and work ethic required to bring them to a level to not just meet, but exceed his clients' expectations.

Justin began his musical journey like so many of his generation; with a love of playing the guitar.  After 10+ years of regional shows in and around his hometown and multiple national tours as a hired gun, it was his exposure to recording and mixing at Eastlake Recording Studios in rural Western Mass which triggered a career shift towards engineering full-time.  Working with a wide variety of artists, as well as composing original music for a variety of commercial music catalogs suited Justin's skills as well as his passions.  

Since first joining in Marsh Mastering in 2014, Justin has progressed from mere studio assistant to junior  mastering engineer and today he works exclusively helping his own clients find their ideal sound.

Adrian Young

Steel Pulse



Pepper Lewis

David Elecerri Jr

Gil Hager

MG Baker

Mia Becker

Mike O'Bryan

Una Jensen

Holly May

Adam Iscove

Brian Pothier

Bek Phillips


Aaron Capucci

Matt McGrail

El Dub


Eric Quinlivian


Nate Hoffman

Devin Tait

Liam Wall

Mastering Engineer
Justin Fleuriel

"OMG it sounds awesome!

THANK YOU Justin!!"


- Garrett Miller

I am extremely pleased with the mastering job you did.  Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

- Mike O’Bryan

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