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The Engineers

East Coast or West Coast, at each of our purpose-built mastering boutiques
we provide custom audio services with Steph’s trademark customer service and the superlative sound
with which the Marsh Mastering name is synonymous.
Chief Mastering Engineer
Stephen Marsh​

"Stephen takes a different approach to mastering, he enhanced what was there with a lot of respect for the material. As a result, it's a piece of work that really stands up.”

Robert Carranza

(Ozomatli, Los Lobos)

Mastering Engineer
Justin Fleuriel

"OMG it sounds awesome


THANK YOU Justin!!"





Garrett Miller

Mastering Engineer
Fernando Lee

"I am SUPER STOKED on the sound! Absolutely love the sonics - quite possibly the best mastering job on one of my projects"





Kent Verderico

(Alex Kerckhoff, Capital)

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