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Marsh Mastering is a top-tier, no compromises audio boutique with an outstanding global reputation specializing in custom audio mastering for today's vinyl and streaming formats
while supporting all digital and analog legacy mastering formats.

Scroll to learn why a diverse cross section of today's major and independent artists from around the world
rely on 
Marsh Mastering for that crucial final step in their commercial releases. 

The Mastering Room (Los Angeles)

Marsh Immersive Los Angeles.jpg
Situated in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, Marsh Mastering's west coast studio features a purpose-built hybrid tube/discrete console, developed in-house with Steve Firlotte of Inward Connections with custom and modified processing from EAR, Maselec, A-Designs, Great River Electronics and Inward Connections. The console is capable of operating in both Left/Right and Mid/Side configurations simultaneously. Console tubes are from Wathen Audio and are hand-selected and then cryogenically treated for unmatched performance.  All filter networks are one-of-a-kind designs from Inward.  This room features an all PMC 9.1.4 Immersive array tuned by Dolby Labs for Atmos / Spatial Music Mixing, Mastering and Production. 


The Lathe Room (Burbank)

The Lathe Room @ Marsh Mastering_edited
Co-located in a Burbank facility with Lurssen and Oasis Mastering, The Lathe Room is Marsh Mastering's second Los Angeles studio.  It features a vintage Scully 601 Disk Mastering Lathe modified for quartz-locked direct drive with Neumann style lift-drop and depth coil, Pitch18 preview electronics, Westrex 3DIIAH stereo / 2B Mono cutterheads and thoroughly updated and modified Westrex cutting electronics which provide the foundation for a system of unrivaled fidelity. 
With it's own custom analog mastering chain, custom program eq's, compression, high frequency limiting, precision filtering, a custom cutting console and multiple Studer A80 tape machine configurations, 100% analog mastering tape to disk may be achieved.  The entire system is supported by Scully/Westrex 'Godfather' Len and Jacob Horowitz from History of Recorded Sound.


Marsh Mastering (Williamsburg)

Located on the James River in picturesque Williamsburg Virginia, Marsh Mastering's east coast studio also features a purpose-built hybrid tube/discrete console with Inward Connections center section and modified processing from EAR, Maselec, A-Designs, Great River Electronics, and Inward Connections. Console tubes are from Wathen Audio and are hand-selected and then cryogenically treated for unmatched performance.  ​


Each of our facilities features the finest clocking and conversion available and proprietary wiring feeding a custom monitor chain with Bryston-powered PMC mains.  Voltage regulated and transformer isolated (balanced) power distribution is employed throughout each facility for superb system fidelity.
Our system complement includes Hapi Premium and RME interfaced Pyramix workstations, pristinely restored vintage ATR-104 and Studer A80 tape machines with custom Extended Response heads in multiple configurations are available for analog playback as are all digital formats (tape, disc or files).  

We've taken a fanatical approach to signal flow integrity and the results speak for themselves.

We offer stereo and Multichannel SACD authoring and we are an approved Apple Digital Masters facility.

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