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Fernando's Bio and Discography

Fernando Lee was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where he began his career at Visom Digital Studios, as assistant to award winning mastering engineer Luiz Tornaghi.  During his five years at Visom, Fernando moved up the ranks, eventually taking on facilities operation duties, tape transcriptions, quality control and customer service. 
Fernando's work as both a mastering engineer and as assistant to Tornaghi includes
hundreds of albums, DVDs and three Latin Grammy®  winners. 
A 2009 move to California led to freelance work with renown producer Moogie Canázio and shortly thereafter:
 Fernando joined the staff at Marsh Mastering where he continues to develop his skills behind the console.

Frankie Bird
Cesar Alvarez
Michael Falcone
Herois Dos Dias De Hoje
Alex Kerckhoff
Luiz Paes Leme
Juan Manzur (Los Pinguos)
Janna Marit
Jorge Olmos
Rio Original Movie Picture Soundtrack & Score
Ryan Sallis
Silent Hill Revelation Original Movie Picture Score

Mastering Engineer
Fernando Lee

"Awesome warmth, 3D image and details.  Loud as hell and zero pump factor!  Dynamics!... Best 44.1kHz I have ever heard."



Kent Verderico

Alex Kerckhoff and Capital

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