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Ancillary Services, These areas of expertise extend beyond the scope of traditional mastering.
All services may be provided a la carte or on a contract basis, these include:

Research and Development: We assist some of the finest equipment designers in the world refining and developing the recording, mixing and mastering tools of tomorrow. From ideation and conceptualizing through prototyping to testing and fine tuning, we work hand in hand to help dreams become reality. 

Studio Technical Services: Our staff is well versed in many of the audio, control and computer systems in wide use today.  As such we are available to support or troubleshoot most studio anomaly.  However, should something fall outside our wheelhouse we rely on a longstanding network of industry specific technical expertise to get your problem solved quickly and correctly.

Tape Machine Service and Restoration: We update, upgrade, modify and maintain
Studer A80 professional reel to reel tape machines.  Services include basic setup and routine maintenance, 
partial/complete re-capping, bearing replacement, tape path and tension/braking adjustments, lubrication and tape width conversions.  We maintain a deep stock of in-house spares and parts unique to these machines. 

Kit builds: A popular alternative to buying expensive boutique audio gear is to build a kit from one of the many companies which make them available.  While the price is often more attractive, acquiring the skills, buying the tools, and finding the time to actually do it yourself can often derail such projects before they've even begun. 

Acoustic Consultation: Listening environment challenges can be frustrating.  Whether you make your living critically listening or just want to enjoy music exactly as the artist intended, we'll take the time to get to know your listening habits and make simple, time-tested recommendations to improve your listening experience without bankrupting your budget.  We do not do full-scale acoustic design, our typical acoustic consulting client has an existing space they are either looking at moving to or currently working in that needs 'something' and needs help figuring it out.

Master Tape Short Runs: Our fleet of superbly maintained Studer A80 and Ampex ATR102 tape machines is available for boutique reel to reel master tape runs.  You choose the finished tape stock, head width, speed and configuration and we do the rest.  Masters may be run from existing analog source or any digital source up to DSD256.
Studer A80 Tape machines at Marsh Mastering
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